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I feel like I am in a city with 8 million people and when I run a query against Google I am getting less than a 0.00047% of the search results. I just want to find a good starting point. I am thinking of either using the Google Trends API or the Google Place API. Would anyone have any suggestions? A: As you have already listed out there are a lot of information on the internet about using API to get google data but still there is little that is available in the form of tutorials. A good starting point for getting started on google API is a google developer library for java and python respectively. Google Trends API provides an online tool for comparing search interest trends over time. The tool can be used to get data on the most popular search terms for the last 30 days. Google Places API provides data on the most searched locations. The Google Trends API only includes data from the last 30 days. The Google Places API only includes data for the last 30 days. Each API has there own set of parameters and responses. They are explained thoroughly in the documentation itself. GABIE + TENDAH Premiering as part of the Raindance Film Festival, the darkly humorous (and often disturbing) documentary, ‘TAKE WASHER FOR A WALK’, is a timely and perceptive portrait of a love affair that is more timely than ever, as India’s rapidly-increasing urban population has swelled to around 450 million in the past two decades, and the ‘cycle of repression’ continues.




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